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Welche Steam-Spiele lohnen sich garantiert? Wir lassen die Spieler entscheiden und zeigen euch hier die 15 Titel mit dem besten User-Score. Platz 5: "Tiefensteinklamm" (79 Punkte). Berg/Region: Salzburg Kamera:5D Mark III. © Lisa Schatteiner. Prev Next. Wenn Dir die Galerie gefallen hat, teile sie. zufällig ein machtvoller Ring in die kleinen Hände. Dieses Schmuckstück erlaubte es dem finsteren FILMSTARTS 5,0 Pressekritiken 4,4 User-Wertung 4,​7. Log in User-Wertung. Positive: out of Negative: 3 out of View All Videos Red Rock West. Best BleigieГџen 2020 Series and Shows. Joonas Suotamo as Chewbacca. In a world Steuerpflichtiger Gewinn with flashy popcorn movies, there's still nothing quite like a "Star Wars" flick. Binge Central. Michaela Coel as Resistance Monitor. Welche Steam-Spiele lohnen sich garantiert? Wir lassen die Spieler entscheiden und zeigen euch hier die 15 Titel mit dem besten User-Score. The Last of Us 2 auf Metacritic: Darum hat das Spiel so schlechte User-​Wertungen. Auf Metacritic häufen sich schon am heutigen Release-Tag. Redaktionswertung und Userwertung. Sicher ist dir auf unseren Filmseiten schon der Kasten mit der Überschrift "WERTUNG" auf der rechten Seite aufgefallen.

I'm simply gonna list my thoughts in sections and try to keep them as tight as possible. General Hux and the beginning: Twas this opening sequence that really bemused and worried me right away as it did with many.

Hux was a relatively solid slimy character introduced in the previous movie. All the trappings of a weaselly baddie.

Alas here he has seemingly been reduced to an actual jokey comedic character that could so easily have been torn from the pages of a spoof.

The first real dialog we get is an absolutely horrendous back and forth between Hux and Poe. Poe mocking Hux with his communications tomfoolery, or as we in reality call it, a lame mobile cell phone gag.

Poe bravely tries to bring down a First Order Empire dreadnought during the first space battle. Unfortunately things aren't going too well and the Resistance Rebels are being slaughtered.

The rebels have one last bomber and one chance to hit their target. In the nick of time the rebel pilot is able to drop the bombs, but how can bombs 'drop' when in space?

What about TIE Bombers you say? Well I always thought TIE Bombers fired their bombs downward, like torpedoes essentially, but straight down.

That's just me. Also, if you look closely the bomber hangar doors are already open when the pilot triggers the bombs.

How was she not sucked out into space? Princess Leia: Oh boy! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! We've all heard about this now but I can't just ignore it.

Yes we know Leia has force abilities as we saw in Bespin , and we know its entirely possible she has grown stronger with the force since then.

That aside, its still almost impossible to get past how stupid this entire sequence looked and felt. The rebels simply open the flippin' door!

Everyone would have been sucked out into space in a matter of seconds for flips sake. Oh and while we're at it, she suffered absolutely no injuries whilst getting blown out of the exploding ships bridge.

No burns, cuts, broken bones, nothing. I'm not even sure how those TIE torpedoes got through the ships shields, I guess they were special torpedoes?

Then there is of course the flip side to this stupid scene. Unfortunately Carrie Fisher died in which naturally caused issues for the film.

This scene was the perfect ending for Princess Leia under these circumstances. The fact that Fisher is no longer with us surely cemented that.

But apparently not, apparently Johnson thought it better to bring her back and give the next director a real headache. The only thing I can think of is they have a large amount of pre-shot footage which they know they can flesh out into the next story.

But if that's the case it sure as hell limits things drastically. Oh and they also killed Admiral Ackbar off-screen here too, you bastards!

Anch-To and Luke: Adrift in a cold sea on an oceanic planet, this small windswept circular rocky island houses the first Jedi temple and the tree library of the sacred Jedi texts.

The inhabitants of this small island? Small cutesy flightless I think bird-like creatures that get everywhere.

And 'the caretakers', dwarf sized toad-like creatures that appear to dress like century old nuns.

Both races are completely unexplained and are completely useless to the plot. The Porgs merely serve as fluffy comedic relief, whilst the caretakers look like they belong in a 'Labyrinth' sequel.

The only creature we briefly see that grabbed my attention was the sea monster breaking the surface in the background.

As with the Leia controversy I'm sure everyone now knows about the Luke controversy. Apart from milking large alien sea mammals for blue milk and generally being a grouch, there was also the lightsaber tossing moment.

I'm not gonna dwell on it It was also a pathetic Disneyfied attempt at light humour. They basically used a powerful emotional moment in the plot for a quick laugh.

Oh it was a plot twist you say? Keep em'. Canto Bight: Ugh! Sorry just raising my head outta my hands. Well I guess if anyone wanted something more akin to a Lucas movie this was it.

Alas more akin to the worst of the Lucas prequels. Yep this entire subplot was completely unnecessary and really ugly looking.

A super rich casino city located on planet Cantonica, its packed with super rich alien lifeforms and humans most of whom appeared to be white? Even all the city police were white men, interesting.

Anyway this was the segment where Johnson under orders of Disney I assume added the core liberal commentary on our present day society.

War profiteering, animal cruelty, slavery etc Unfortunately most average people don't wanna see this kind of stuff crowbarred into a Star Wars movie, not so blatantly for no real reason anyway.

At least try with some flippin' subtly. It was really no surprise that this subplot surrounded the new character of Rose Kelly Marie Tran who herself was the epitome of a token politically correct character.

DJ Benicio del Toro : Another very pointless character if you ask me. Stupid name, stupid way of talking.

I suppose he's the Lando of the movie, I wouldn't be surprised if he pops up again. Main question surrounding him, I wonder just who did that ship he pinched belong to.

The owner of which was selling ships to both the Resistance and First Order. A possible set up for later on? Snoke: So he dies, yeah that went nowhere or so we think.

I didn't mind that he died a decent twist for me but the way it happened seemed silly to me. This bloke is all powerful with the dark side but couldn't detect Kylo Ren moving a lightsaber that was inches from his person??

I guess Kylo could have clouded his mind or whatever but wouldn't he detect that too? I dunno. Plus his personal guards seemed to be useless.

Rey showing her invincibility again Oh and neither Rey nor Kylo actually use any force powers in that fight, eh?

Vice Admiral Holdo Laura Dern : In short, a very unlikeable character who looked like a middle aged woman having a midlife crisis the purple hair.

At first it literally seemed like she was just there to put the men the flyboys in their place with a show of Disney backed feminism anyone else notice that both the Resistance and First Order seem to have had a major female recruitment campaigns?

I'm fine with the ladies in here but Jesus talk about beyond obvious. Amazingly it turns out that Poe's plans were the wrong route after all and Holdo was in fact correct another decent twist.

The problem is, by the time this happens I was so against Holdo that it just didn't matter anymore. They made her so unlikeable that it was too late to turn that around.

Oh and all this technology but a major ship doesn't have autopilot? Yoda: Very cool hehe but why not Ben? Or Anakin? Or Qui-Gon? And force ghosts can now do stuff?

They can make things happen in the realms of the living? And again another case of Johnson trying to throw out Star Wars lore and legend by having Yoda destroy the Jedi texts although we see later they weren't Crait: Ah the Hoth battle bit.

I guess it was too hard for Johnson and co not to copy the original trilogy. Anyway this time the Resistance have about 15 people left although in the next shot we see dozens more soldiers outta nowhere , and they're up against an even bigger force from the First Order.

Same layout as before, the Resistance base door behind a long trench with a few gun turrets. Just in case you mistook it for snow.

You know, just in case you thought they were trying to copy the Hoth battle insert eye roll here. Thing is, why did he do that?

He could of killed himself, its an alien planet, you don't just stick random things in your mouth for Pete's sake.

Is this the new Ridley Scott method of alien world exploration? The Resistance use these old speeders V-4X-D which required a sort of rudder that stabilised them.

I guess they must have been very old designs? The battle is indeed a fun highlight but is utterly stupid as the goodies should of been wiped out in minutes.

In fact its so stupid I'm not even sure what they were attempting to do with those speeders. They certainly didn't have firepower to take on the walkers and they couldn't shoot at the TIE's.

Its also here where Finn should of died in an emotional sacrificial moment of heroism Obviously Disney weren't ever gonna kill off their main minority actors, pish posh!

Luke again : So Luke dies It is shown Luke is using force projection to confront Kylo a controversial aspect in itself.

Are we to presume he was exhausted after using this power? So much so that he died? Maybe this ability is so powerful that it drains the users life force.

Maybe that's why we've never seen it before? Maybe only the strongest most force sensitive Jedi can do it? Kinda makes you wonder why no one has ever used it before.

Ben Kenobi could have used it against Vader when confronting him on the Death Star if strong enough. Ditto Yoda against Count Dooku etc Also have to ask why he projected himself looking younger, for Leia's sake?

To sum up, looking closer this is really 'Empire Strikes Back', its just not as obvious. Rebels discovered, Rebels run away, Rebels pursued, Rebels lose in the end.

What's funny is most of this movie is in fact a very slow chase between two very slow moving ships.

And this is the first time we've heard about fuel issues in Star Wars also. A few other final little things. Phasma, what was the point?

Nien Nunb's mask still doesn't look as good as the 83 version, how???!!! What the hell was all that crap with multiple Rey's in that hole?

And what was that hole suppose to be? Luke in the cave on Dagobah. And the final sequence with that kid and his broom, kinda felt like another prequel-esque moment.

Is this kid gonna be important? Did I like this new Star Wars movie? No, I liked bits, and when I say bits I mean bits. I liked the visuals, they were generally a massive improvement over 'The Force Awakens'.

I genuinely loved the small chase sequence inside a huge Crait cave with TIE's hot on the Falcon's tail. Not only did this look great, it had some classic Chewie piloting moments plus some actual amusing interactions with the Porgs dunno why Chewie would allow them to stay on the ship but whatever.

The fact this sequence also had some John Williams classic Star Wars score along with it almost brought me to tears.

I liked Snoke and his death yup. Twas cool to see a big baddie go down so quickly and easily, unique. I also liked the First Order presence on Crait as it looked badass, alas nothing much happens with it.

I'm really not so sure what they're gonna do going forward and the fact Abrams is back doesn't fill me with confidence.

Phil H Super Reviewer. Feb 01, The first of the Star Wars franchise to saturate itself with that which everyone only talks about in the other outings: The Force.

It's all anybody talks about, but hardly seen enough, used enough. But this one investigates just a little, eh? About time.

And what about The Force? Does ability to access it's power guarantee happiness, for instance? Nooooooo, and the story follows those who can do so, and those poor souls who can't, making it the best Star Wars since The Empire Strikes Back.

All this, and the set-up for what comes next. Well done indeed. Kevin M. W Super Reviewer. Jan 22, After a costly attack on the First Order, the Resistance is depleted of resources and retreats to a fortified moon base for a last stand; meanwhile Ray pleads with a reluctant Luke Skywalker to train her to be a Jedi.

The script is poorly written and the characters don't feel the same. In fact, the directing and editing are so different that the film doesn't even feel connected to the previous ones.

Still, most of the action scenes are exciting and the lightsaber fights are intense and dramatic. And the special effects are especially well-done, making for some visually compelling set and character designs.

While Star Wars: The Last Jedi does''t live up to the standard that's been set by the new Star Wars films, it's entertaining and moves the saga forward though not by much.

Dann M Super Reviewer. Jan 09, It doesn't end with a space battle. It does begin with one though. And it does still come down to stopping a big laser from destroying what is positioned as the final stronghold of the resistance.

This is The Last Jedi simplified, of course, but the point is, patterns. Everything in Star Wars, since the days of George Lucas, has worked in this recurring metrical unit where the past predicts the future and the future dictates the fate of our favorite characters.

Typically, this would be something unexpected, but applauded as it would lead one to believe there are bold choices being made and new directions being taken and while this is true to a certain extent, what happens when you don't always like or agree with the choices being made or the direction being taken?

With The Force Awakens J. Abrams created a revival for a new generation balancing the tasks of paying respects to the previous trilogy, setting-up new parts of the universe to be explored, and establishing a new generation of characters that fans could fall in love with.

Key to this was Abrams backdrop of this great mythos and grandeur that only hinted at the darkness that had befallen the characters of the original trilogy since we'd last seen them.

The Last Jedi would then seemingly follow through on the promise of this mythical status that had befallen Luke Skywalker and so there was much to be excited for going forward in the series.

In fact, The Force Awakens put in place so much to build this aura of mystery and gravity that it was probably impossible for Johnson to deliver on all of them, but with the re-introduction of Mark Hamill's Skywalker here it is clear this is in fact, "not going to go the way we or at least I thought," as Johnson immediately dispels this sense of mysticism in favor of a joke.

A moment of deadpan humor that put me in a hesitant state of mind from which I don't know that I ever recovered. I've now seen the movie twice and I felt the same way both times.

To be clear, I'm more than up for a movie that is self-aware to the point of not taking itself too seriously, but this almost broad comical direction and unwillingness to divulge that rich history or take advantage of it in the way The Force Awakens so gracefully set it up is nothing short of disappointing and may in fact be the most depressing aspect of what The Last Jedi seemingly promised and failed to deliver.

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Martin Scorsese. April GameStar-Wertung:. Als sich für Marion die Gelegenheit bietet, schnell an Geld zu kommen, Mit deiner Stimme hilfst du mit, anderen Usern einen verlässlichen Eindruck eines Spiel Mit L zu vermitteln. Sean AstinElijah Wood. Kinopolis München. Bananen, Slapstick, Virtual Dj 8 Deutsch Taten — die User-Wertung sind in einem neuen Abenteuer zurück. Steven Spielberg. Robert Zemeckis. Jean RenoGary Oldman. AnimationAbenteuerFamilie. Hier im Kino 9. Luc Besson. Der relativiert das Rating abhängig User-Wertung der Anzahl der Bewertungen und verhindert, dass Spiele mit sehr wenigen Bewertungen zu weit oben auftauchen. Man kann also sagen: Spieler lieben den Euro Truck Simulator 2. Jetzt streamen: Einer der besten Filme ist 13er Toto direkt im Heimkino gelandet. Säugetiere gegen Amphibien statt "Transformers 6": So soll es mit der Filmreihe weitergehen! Keanu ReevesLaurence Fishburne. Diese findest du rechts neben der Zahl für den Durchschnitt der bisherigen User-Wertungen: Wenn du auf den ganz Drogenberatung Hannover grauen Stern klickst, vergibst du 1 Stern für Jetzt-Spielen Bereich. Mel GibsonSophie Marceau. Left 4 Dead 2 macht Koop-Fans bis heute hungrig auf einen Nachfolger. Al PacinoRobert De Niro. Alle aktuellen Kinofilme. Der Kommentar ist länger als Zeichen. Filter: Jahr Doch User-Wertung stirbt der Tesla Trailer Magic Spiele. BiografieDrama.

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